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Jul 31

VIDEO: Chairlift Fail in Bariloche -

SKI BUMS has hosted two incredible trips to Cerro Catedral, but as far as we can tell, the resort hasn’t publicly commented on this chairlift accident, when a chair completely detached and fell to the slopes during the 2013 season. The skier who shot the video on a helmet cam says he’s now posting it because Catedral has had additional safety scares this season, and he believes skiers and snowboarders should question whether Catedral is the right choice for a vacation. You can read a rough translation of his comments here >

Post by Mati Bottaro.

On July 14th of this season, 180 people were rescued from the chair lifts at Catedral after multiple chairs detached and slid into one another. No injuries were reported, but you can read the report here >

Sadly, Cerro Catedral was also the site of a 'cascading' chairlift accident in 2004 that severely injured several skiers.

These reports are deeply troubling to all of us who love skiing in Bariloche. Here’s hoping they’ll make serious improvements to their safety standards. We’ve reached out to Cerro Catedral for a comment, and if we hear back from them we’ll be sure to post it here.

Jul 28


Jul 26

5 reasons HIV is on the rise among young gay and bisexual men -

Why are gay male teens having unprotected sex? Read more here >

Jul 25

We’re finalizing trips to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Telluride Ski Resort, Vailand Sun Valley, Idaho — our members will be the first to hear about our exciting 2015 destinations!

We’re finalizing trips to Jackson Hole Mountain ResortTelluride Ski ResortVailand Sun Valley, Idaho — our members will be the first to hear about our exciting 2015 destinations!

Former NOM Spokesperson David Tyree Now Supports Gay People -

A welcome change of perspective. Read more >

Jul 24

Why Israel is at war in Gaza, explained in less than 3 minutes -

If you haven’t taken a few minutes to understand what’s happening now, you really should. This video will help you out.

Jul 22

Jackson Hole… we’re returning in 2015!

Jackson Hole… we’re returning in 2015!

(Source: dominiczimmermann, via tripping-down-ski-hills)

Department of Justice Urges States To Drop HIV Criminalization -

Towleroad reports:

"The Civil Rights division of the U.S. Department of Justice is strongly urging legislators across the country to strike down laws that currently criminalize HIV-positive people who, often unknowingly, “certain behaviors before disclosing known HIV-positive status.”

DojHIV criminalization laws sprang up across the country in the early days of the AIDS epidemic when diagnoses and death were swift and sometimes unexpected. In a time when the exact means of transmission were misunderstood and means of treating those infected were scant, the laws were a desperate attempt to curtail the spread of the virus. More robust public health funding  was provided to the states in 1990 provided that the states criminalized HIV transmission.

Unfortunately, most of the laws regarding HIV positive individuals and their conduct haven’t managed to keep pace with the development of treatments. Put simply, the laws just don’t work. Last year the United Nations HIV/AIDS prevention task force found that in criminalizing HIV transmission these laws discouraged people from finding out their HIV statuses.”

Read more at Towleroad >

Jul 21

Sex Without Fear -

Truvada has gotten a lot of attention within the LGBT press lately, but this in-depth story from New York Magazine is well worth a read.

IOC confirms 3 finalist bid cities for 2022 Winter Olympics | Ski Racing - reports:

"The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee unanimously agreed that Oslo (NOR), Almaty (KAZ) and Beijing (CHN) would progress from the applicant city phase to the candidate city phase in the bid to host the Olympic Winter Games in 2022.

The decision was based on a technical analysis of the cities’ applications submitted earlier this year. The analysis and subsequent report were made by an IOC-appointed working group of Olympic Games experts who assessed each applicant city’s potential for successfully staging the Olympic Winter Games 2022.

Each city was encouraged to produce a bid best suited to their own unique circumstances, with plans that reflect their own specific vision for how the Games can benefit their cities and regions and ensure positive, sustainable legacies for their populations.”

Read more at SkiRacing >

Jul 19

Technology’s Rainbow Connection -

SAN FRANCISCO — If it weren’t for the one naked guy, the furries with their articulated ears and the small gaggle of leather-clad members of the Society of Janus, this city’s 44th annual Pride parade in June could have been easily be mistaken for a technology conference.

Read the cool story at the New York Times >

Jul 18

The Cadillac of Chairlifts is coming to Okemo, Vermont -


Jul 17