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When ski season is over, we vote for doing this.

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@skinorthstar, congrats on your opening today! We can’t wait to visit you for the first time!
Sign up for our 2014 trip to Lake Tahoe >

@skinorthstar, congrats on your opening today! We can’t wait to visit you for the first time!

Sign up for our 2014 trip to Lake Tahoe >

David and Alex met on a #SKIBUMS trip to #MountSnow — and they just got engaged in #California! Huge congrats, guys!!! #love #equality #prop8 #lgbt #gay #ski #skiing #snowboard #snowboarding

David and Alex met on a #SKIBUMS trip to #MountSnow — and they just got engaged in #California! Huge congrats, guys!!! #love #equality #prop8 #lgbt #gay #ski #skiing #snowboard #snowboarding

Skiing is Gay | POWDER Magazine | A Q & A with SKI BUMS founder Chris French


On the occasion of yesterday’s historic Supreme Court case rulings, the awesome people at Powder Magazine contacted SKI BUMS president & founder Chris French to chat about how SKI BUMS began, get a reaction to the rulings, and discuss how he reacts when snowboarders say “skiing is gay!”

Check out the fun interview:

Ski clubs are scattered throughout the country as a way to bring shredders together in cities and towns and transport them to the mountains. And they’re a great excuse for people to get together and drink beer. Chris French, 39, is the founder of Ski Bums, the self-proclaimed largest LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) ski club in the world. Based in New York City, French has planned trips all over the world and had a damn good time doing it along the way. Via Skype, he chatted with about running a ski club, ripping pow in Japan, and yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling that entitled gay married couples to the same federal benefits as straight couples.

POWDER: Let’s start with the basics of your club. 
Chris French: Ski Bums is the world’s largest club for LGBT skiers and snowboarders. We got started as a local club in New York City in 2004, but then we grew pretty rapidly to become a regional club. Then a national club. Today we have more than 1,000 members from 40 U.S. states and roughly 20 foreign countries.

When did you first go on trips? 
Our first trips were in January 2005. And that first year, we only took local trips to East Coast places in the Catskills and Vermont. We got excited pretty quickly and things took off rapidly. We started the very next year going out West. We went to Zermatt, Switzerland. Last year we had 20 trips. And we’re going to Argentina later this summer.

So why a gay ski club? Skiing is a predominantly white sport, but there’s an African American ski club, Jewish ski clubs, and others. I find it interesting there’s clubs devoted to particular races, religions, and sexual preferences. 
The question that I hear from some of my straight friends is this: “Well why do you only want to ski with other gay people? Why don’t you want to ski with us? Why don’t you want to be around us?” And that’s not the case at all. On the contrary, I don’t hear that question so much from LGBT people because…we have to do something to find each other. We either have to go to a bar, or go to a club. We can’t just like walk out onto the street and be like, “Hey everyone, if you’re gay, raise your hand right now.” (laughs) The ultimate purpose of Ski Bums is to connect with other LGBT people and make new friends.

Read more: how does Chris react when people say “skiing is gay”? FInd out here >

Could we be any more proud of the #skibums who are doing the AIDS Life Cycle? #alc #alc2013 #cycle #ski #snowboard #lgbt #gay #aids #hiv #california

Could we be any more proud of the #skibums who are doing the AIDS Life Cycle? #alc #alc2013 #cycle #ski #snowboard #lgbt #gay #aids #hiv #california

Two Die After Being Buried in Avalanches - @nytimes

Our hearts go out to all those who knew Bill Foster and Mark Anderson, who died after being caught in avalanches in North Lake Tahoe. 

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Modern Love - A Father, a Son and a Fighting Chance -

In time for Father’s Day, the New York Times has an incredible column from the father of one of the Prop8 lead plaintiffs, Dominick Zarrillo. It’s well worth the read!

Check out the touching op-ed >

Last night in Los Angeles, Hollywood stars came together for a reading of “8,” the new play by Oscar-award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, with text taken from the actual testimony in the landmark Prop 8 trial in California. It was filmed in its entirety and is now viewable on YouTube. Watch George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Lynch, Christine Lahti, Matthew Morrison, Chris Colfer and others in a play that will soon be performed around the country.

In the video above, the performance begins at 29:00 minutes in.

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Buzz-worthy: The first ski-through Starbucks!

From HLNtv:

"Dozing off on the chairlift?

Need a little more pep so you don’t stall out mid-mogul?

Well, dear ski enthusiast, you might want to point your tips toward the world’s very first ski-through Starbucks.

That’s right: Your Joe to go while still on the snow. You never have to leave your skis to get all the buzz you please. 

The coffee joint is located 8,000 feet above sea level at Squaw Valley ski resort near Lake Tahoe. And it’s not just a dinky little ski-in, ski-out shack with a shivering barista inside. The place is a fully-functioning Starbucks outlet, with lots of indoor seating, a lengthy pastry display case, and a long line of customers ready to throw five adjectives into their coffee order.”

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Ninth Circuit Prop 8 Ruling on Tuesday -- A Guide to Understanding What's Happening - Poliglot

It’s easy for anyone to get confused over the circuitous path that Proposition 8 has taken through the courts over the last three years. With Tuesday’s important ruling on its way, here’s a great overview of the background of the case.

Read it at Metro Weekly >

Dreamworks: Squaw-Alpine Unification the Toast of Tahoe | Powder Magazine

From Powder Magazine:

By car, the North Lake Tahoe resorts of Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are 10 or 15 minutes apart. But to the ski bum brain, they might as well have been worlds apart: Hippies at one place, aggros at the other, with each resort operating under separate ownership and lift passes… and not even a shuttle running between them. Not any more.

Tuesday morning, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows announced that the resorts are combining ownership under a new, common entity for the 2011-12 winter season, meaning one lift pass will now serve both resorts, among other things. The deal is set to close in 30 to 45 days, pending U.S. Forest Service approval, officials said.

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